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About Secure POS

Secure POS is a solution to one of the biggest problems facing Indigenous businesses today. Trust. работа


You likely ask yourself a few questions when a vendor come to your door selling you on this найти работу в москве “cloud technology” that’s going to solve all your problems. “Can I trust this random vendor telling me what i want to hear? What do you mean my data is safe in the cloud?

We all want to use and benefit from current technologies, but until recently, we didn’t have access to secure environments that were strategically setup to work according to our rules and located entirely on our territory and under our control.

Secure is provided exclusively to Indigenous markets and is 100% indigenous owned and operated. Our environments are hosted within secure data centres located within sovereign Mohawk territory not subject to Canadian jurisdiction.

Simply the best POS System

Secure POS offers a complete POS solution for a variety of different businesses. The system can be run in full compliance mode according to the requirements of either Canadian or Indigenous jurisdictions. The system can operate without internet – just take the iPad to where you need to go, and the system will update next time you connect to wifi. 

The also allows for direct updating of your menus to 3rd party sites like Leafly as well as on monitors in your own shop. The system uses bar codes to track your product, tracks your staff hours, calculates and prints receipts for your drops, allows you to assign varying degrees of authority to different employees, captures client data, runs loyalty programs, scans customer ID, captures emails and phone numbers, allows казино игровые автоматы бесплатно for special discounts, directly integrates into your website, runs reports and calculates profit margins, can integrate Interac and credit cards, prints paper backups, and automatically generates orders to restock when products inventory is low.